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Hulk Wallpaper

    Now, Hollywood is hoping for a surer strike in a second Hulk movie, slated for release on June 13, 2008. Produced by Marvel Studios, The Incredible Hulk stars Edward Norton as Banner and Liv Tyler as Ross. More has changed in the movie than just the leads. The Hulk will be up against Abomination this go around, an evil force who is almost as strong as the Hulk himself.

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    The Incredible Hulk takes off from where The Hulk had left off; deep in the South American jungles. Pitted against both the external danger of US Army, led by Betty's father General Thunderbolt Ross, and the internal danger of the Hulk sleeping deep within him, Dr. Bruce Banner is trying hard to find a cure for the menace he harbors. This film will differ from its predecessor in its focus on the struggle between Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk. It's about being strong one moment and being helpless in the other. It's about being subject to drives and urges beyond your control. Dr. Bruce Banner has faced a lot, and the only thing he now fears is his own anger and rage The first Hulk comic appeared back in May 1962, and featured a monster with...gray skin! By the second issue he was green, and he ran for many years in Tales to Astonish before reclaiming his own title. Sometimes a mindless brute, sometimes a thoughtful, and even dapper, man of science, the Hulk has undergone many transformations in his time. In the current comic series, a mysterious, gun-totin' red Hulk appears to have separated from Bruce Banner altogether.

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