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Wallpaper Backgrounds

    There are a number of options for smart phones that offer great features to meet all of our everyday needs, and pass-time habits as well. Oh, and they also make calls and send text messages, image messages, video, calendars, so on and so on. It's also really awesome that you can make your phone personalized. Not only do you personalize your voicemail greeting, but you personalize your settings. This includes how your phone behaves when certain things happen. Vibrate, ring, buzz, sing a song, light up, the list goes on.

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    My favorite part of my phone is that I can customize the background wallpaper. I change the background every few days just to jazz up my phone so I remember how cool it is and how much I enjoy having it. The best part is, there are a number of great and easy ways to customize the background wallpaper on your mobile phone. You can create your own if you have the right software, and there are tons of great websites that offer free or very cheap downloads of wallpapers.

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